Dr. Mnazir

Why Ontology?

Q: Why Ontologies?  Why does someone want to develop an ontology?

A: We collect from various sources, among others the reasons/motivation are:

  1. To share common understanding of the structure of information among people or software agents (Noy & McGuiness, 2001)
  2. To enable reuse of domain knowledge (Noy & McGuiness, 2001)
  3. To make domain assumptions explicit (Noy & McGuiness, 2001)
  4. To separate domain knowledge from the operational knowledge (Noy & McGuiness, 2001)
  5. To analyze domain knowledge (Noy & McGuiness, 2001)
  6. A help in structuring knowledge complex definitions and arrive at shared understanding
  7. Facilitate knowledge sharing
  8. Facilitate communication
  9. Facilitate re-use of knowledge
  10. Analysing of knowledge
  11. Used to describe and represent an area of knowledge
  12. Standardize metadata terms within a community
  13. Used for information extraction
  14. Used for automatic reasoning
  15. For information integration
  16. For systems interoperability (Colomb, 2005)
  17. Ontologies have been already used in medicine, mainly focused on the specification of medical terminology.
  18. Ontologies are particularly useful for the development of distributed and interoperable systems, which are especially interesting in complex and distributed domains, such as Home Care assistance.
  19. To detect ontological structure of business process. For business process re-engineering (Dietz, 2005)

Q: When can you employ ontology as a research solution?

A: If there are clear needs or potential problem which ontology can offer to overcome with better a solution and at same time making a knowledge contribution to the current literatures.

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