Dr. Mnazir

Mr. Ahmad Maaref (Ahmad)

Abstract: Outsourcing involves the use of external parties to fulfil the IS needs of the client organization. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an advanced type of IS outsourcing. This study will investigate the obstacles and challenges of BPO Industry. One of the most important problem in this area is identifying existing explicit knowledge and using it to create further knowledge for decision making, so deep investigation on a conceptual model is needed that helps realize the complexities of outsourcing areas especially for business process outsourcing. Moreover another problem is due to the lack of tools for identifying the cause of the inefficiencies in BPO. Most of outsourcing literature has focused on social and cultural impacts and very few tools have been developed to assist manager in making outsourcing decision by modelling the knowledge. In this study researcher proposes a method for modelling the knowledge of a domain in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). This method is based on ontological knowledge map. The ontology guides decision makers in managing the complexity of outsourcing with holistic approach to the domain of outsourcing. Ontologies as a conceptual model provide a framework to facilitate efficient and effective knowledge-sharing, knowledge reusing and improving communication by modelling the domain of discourse. These knowledge items represent the different types of knowing that are embedded in the organization’s structure and its processes. From an analysis of a process instance described in the ontology, different knowledge items and relationships between them can be extracted and represented as knowledge maps. These maps represent the internal competencies of the organization as they relate to certain processes and hence they can be used to provide inputs in the decision-making process, for example, business process outsourcing decisions. The result of this research may be useful for any organizations and especially top management to have a good decision making in business process outsourcing decisions.