Dr. Mnazir

Dr. Farukh Khan (Farukh)


Abstract: Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems consist of hundreds of devices wirelessly connected designed to work for long time. The massive interconnection and the usage of different programming languages, platforms and data management standards make the Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems quite competitive and complex. In order to deal with complexity, Service Oriented Architecture can be used which represents domain knowledge of devices in an unambiguous and an application independent way resulting in reduced complexity. Moreover, ranking functional similar device services and the selection of the best service manually based on the requester’s requirements is a difficult and time consuming task. Hence, an automatic service discovery framework for the selection of a best device service among multiple functional similar services, based on their context-aware and Quality of Service requirements, are proposed in this thesis. The framework uses Quality of Service and context-aware ontologies for describing the domain knowledge of devices in an unambiguous and an application independent way while a semantic matching algorithm facilitates the discovery of device services semantically. The applicability of the proposed framework is demonstrated with the help of road accident management and autonomous mobile robot case studies. In the development of components and the evaluation of the framework, domain experts are also involved. For performance evaluation, precision and recall metrics are used while for correctness, a survey is conducted involving domain users. Results are analyzed using SPSS 16.0. The evaluation results show the improved correctness and performance of discovered device services with the help of service discovery framework for distributed embedded real-time systems.

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