In Progress Articles – 2020

  1. Zakaria, A.M.U., Ahmad, M.N., Mohamad, U.H., Muhamad, A.S. (2020). A Comparative Study of Sharing Economy Platform: Case Studies from Twelves Pioneer of the Share Economy. Online Information Review. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus, Era) – [UKM. In progress] 
  2. Sattar, A., Ahmad, M.N., Mahmood, A.K., Zakaria, N.H. (2020). An Analysis of Upper-Level Ontologies for Domain Interlocking Institutional Worlds. KER – [UKM. in progress]
  3. Sattar, A., Ahmad, M.N., Mahmood, A.K., Zakaria, N.H. (2020). Which are ontology development methodologies suitable for developing a domain ontology of interlocking institutional worlds? KER – [UKM. in progress]
  4. Shapi’i, A., Ahmad, M.N., …..(2020). Overview and Analysis of Methodologies for Building Virtual Realities (VR) Applications. Virtual Reality – [UKM. in progress] 
  5. Benferdia, Y., Ahmad, M.N., Mustafa, M., Bajuri, M.Y. (2020). Ontologies for Supporting Virtual Reality Applications. Virtual Reality – [UKM. in progress] 
  6. Mohamad, U.H., Ahmad, M.N., …..(2020). Ontology applications in Sharing Economy Domain: SLR. ESA – [UKM. in progress] 
  7. Mat Surin, E.S., Ahmad, M.N., …..(2020). How ontologies are evaluated?. ESA – [UKM. in progress] 
  8. Ahmad, M.N., Selamat, A., Mohamad, U.H., Khantong, S., Sattar, A., Zakaria, N.H. (2020). A Domain Ontology of Interlocking Institutional Worlds: Usage Scenarios. ESA – [UKM. in progress] 
  9. Fazirina, K.,…..Ahmad, M.N.,…..(2020). Modeling Adoption of Big Data in Public Sector Organization. IJIM – [UKM. submitted]
  10. Zulkifle, F.A., Hassan, R., Ahmad, M.N., Isa. M. A (2020). Integrated NIR-HE based SPOT-5 image enhancement method for features preservation and edge detection. – [UKM. submitted]
  11. Ahmad, A.S., Hassan, R., Ahmad, M.N., Kasim, S. (2020). An Improved Fake Fingerprint Feature Extraction. – [UKM. submitted]  
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