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  1. Khurshid, M, M., Zakaria, N.H., Rashid, A., Ahmad, M.N., Arfeen, M.I., F. Shehzad., H.M. (2020). Modeling of Open Government Data for Public Sector Organizations using the Potential Theories and Determinants – A Systematic Review. Informatics, 7(3-September), 1-16. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus); ISSN: 2227-9709; MDPI – [UKM]
  2. M.Ismail, M.I., Ahmad, M.N., Zakaria, N.H. & Ghazali, R. (2020). Requirements for Central Repository: Flood Management Malaysia. TEST Engineering & Management (TEST), 82(Jan/Feb), 11908-11915. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus, Era); ISSN: 0193-4120; Mattingley publisher – [UKM]
  3. Sattar, A., Ahmad, M.N., Salwana, E., Mahmood, A.K., M. Ismail. M.I. (2020). Issues in Designing Ontology for Waste Management: A Systematic Review. TEST Engineering & Management (TEST), 82(Jan/Feb), 11899-11897, Review Article (ISI, Scopus, Era); ISSN: 0193-4120; Mattingley publisher – [UKM]
  4. Sattar, A., Mat Surin, E.S., E., Ahmad, M.N., Ahmad, M., Mahmood, A.K. (2020). Comparative Analysis of Methodologies for Domain Ontology Development: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 11(5), 99-108. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q3-Computer Science); ISSN: 2156-5570; SAI27 – [UKM
  5. Khantong, S., Ahmad, M.N., Mahmood, A.K. (2020). An Ontology for Sharing and Managing Information in Disaster Response: An Illustrative Case Study of Flood Evacuation. International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering (IRASE), 11(1-April), 22-33. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-Computer Science); ISSN: 2062-0810; Akademia Kiado26– [UKM]   
  6. Khantong, S.& Ahmad, M.N. (2020). An Ontology for Sharing and Managing Information in Disaster Response: In Flood Response Usage Scenarios. Journal on Data Semantics (JODS), 9(March 2020), 39-52.  ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-AI); ISSN: 1861-2040; Springer25– [UKM]   
  7. Younas, M., A. Jawawi, D.N., Mahmood, A.K., Ahmad, M.N., U. Sewer, M. & Idris, M.Y (2020). Agile Software Development using Cloud Computing: A Case Study. IEEE Access, 8(2020), 1-6.  ORI Article (ISI-Q1-Multidiciplinary); ISSN: 2169-3536; IEEE24– [UKM]   
  8. Zeshan, F., Mohamad, R. & Ahmad, M.N. (2019). Context-Aware Ontology and Web services discovery for Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems. Malaysian Journal of Computer Science (MJCS), 32(3), 186-208. ORI Article (ISI-Q4-Computer Science); ISSN: 0127-9084; UM press23[UKM]
  9. Khurshid, M, M.,Zakaria, N.H., Ahmad, M.N., Rashid, A., Shah Kazmi, S.R., Shafique, M.N. (2019). Analyzing Diffusion Patterns of Big Open Data as Policy Innovation in Public Sector. Computers & Electrical Engineering, 78(September), 148-161. ORI Article (ISI-Q2-Computer Science, Scopus); ISSN: 0045-7906; Elsevier22 – [UKM]   
  10. Zakari Usman, U.M., Ahmad, M.N. & Zakaria, N.H. (2019). The Determinants of Adoption of Cloud-based ERP of Nigerian’s SMEs Manufacturing Sector Using TOE Framework and DOI Theory. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IJEIS), 15(3), 27-43. ORI Article (Scopus-Q3-Computer Science, ISI); ISSN: 1992-8645; IGI21 – [UKM]
  11. Seed Ahmed, E.A, Ahmad, M.N. & Othman, S.H. (2019). Business Process Improvement Methods (BPIMs) in Healthcare: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance (IJHCQA), 32(5), 887-908. Review Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-Health & Social Care); ISSN: 0952-6882; Emerald20 – [UKM
  12. Maidin, S.S., Othman, M. & Ahmad, M.N. (2019). Governance of the Flood Disaster Framework in Malaysia: A Way Forward in Enabling Information Technology Knowledge Sharing. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (JARDCS), 11(01-Special Issue), 1533-1541 ORI Article (Scopus-Q4-Computer Science); ISSN: 1943-023X; IASR19 – [UKM] 
  13. Ali, Y., Ahmad, M.N., Ahmad, N. & Zakaria, N.H. (2019). Social Media for Knowledge Sharing: Systematic Review. Telematics and Informatics (Telematics), 37(April), 72-112. Review Article (ISI-Q1-Multidisciplinary); ISSN: 0763-5853; Elsevier18 – [UKM
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  16. Zakaria, N.H., Ahmad, M.N., Mohd Noor, M.S.A & Ahmad, M. (2018). Knowledge Integration among Flood Disaster Management Team: Lessons from the Kemaman District. Journal of ICT (JICT), 17(3), 393-408. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-Computer Science); ISSN: 1675-414X; UUM press15 – [UKM
  17. Abdulfattah, G.M., Ahmad, M.N. & Asaad R.R. (2018). A Reliable Binirization Method for Offline Signature Verification based on Unique Signer’s Profile. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC), 14(2), 573-586. ORI Article  (Scopus-Q3-Pattern Recognition); ISSN: 1349-4198; Tokai University14 – [UKM
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  19. Zakari Usman, U.M., Ahmad, M.N. & Zakaria, N.H. (2017). A Review of Key Factors of Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Adoption by SMEs. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Engineering and Applied Sciences (JATIT), 95(16), 3884-3901. Review Article (Scopus-Q3-Computer Science); ISSN: 1992-8645; ARPN
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  24. Wan Hussein, W.N.T., Zakaria, N.H. & Ahmad, M.N. (2016). Knowledge Sharing via Online Social Media During Flood Disaster Events: A Review. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, Engineering and Applied Sciences (JATIT), 89(2), 404-414. Review Article (Scopus-Q3-Computer Science); ISSN: 1992-8645; ARPN
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