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  1. M.Ismail, M.I., Ahmad, M.N., Zakaria, N.H. & Ghazali, R. (2020). Essential Requirements for Central Repository of Domain Interlocking Institutional Worlds. International Journal of Recent Technology & Engineering (IJRTE), v(i), pg-pg. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus, Era); ISSN: 2277-3878; BBIE publisher – [UKM. to appear]
  2. Sattar, A., Ahmad, M.N., Salwana, E., Mahmood, A.K., M. Ismail. M.I. (2020). Issues in designing ontology for waste management: A Systematic Reviews of Papers from 2002-2017. International Journal of Recent Technology & Engineering (IJRTE), v(i), pg-pg. Review Article (ISI, Scopus, Era); ISSN: 2277-3878; BBIE publisher – [UKM. to appear]
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  4. Khantong, S., Ahmad, M.N., Mahmood, A.K. (2020). An Ontology for Sharing and Managing Information in Disaster Response: An Illustrative Case Study of Flood Evacuation. International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering (IRASE), 11(1-April), 22-33. ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-Computer Science); ISSN: 2062-0810; Akademia Kiado26– [UKM]   
  5. Khantong, S.& Ahmad, M.N. (2020). An Ontology for Sharing and Managing Information in Disaster Response: In Flood Response Usage Scenarios. Journal on Data Semantics (JODS), 9(March 2020), 39-52.  ORI Article (ISI, Scopus-Q2-AI); ISSN: 1861-2040; Springer25– [UKM]   
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