Postgraduate Students

Currently under PhD supervision (fully research) – Main supervisor

  1. Mr. Mohd Amran Md Ali (Amran) – Problem in Virtual Reality Development Methodology for VR-based Training (VRT) in Healthcare Domain, commenced in December 2020, confirmed in Month-year, submitted in Month-year [UKM]
  2. Dr. Mohd Yazid Bajuri (Yazid) – Problem in Virtual Reality for Orthopedic Training, commenced in Feb-2018, confirmed in Month-year, submitted in Month-year [UKM
  3. Mr. Abdul Sattar (Sattar) – Problem in Designing a domain ontology for the waste management domain, commenced in Feb-2018, Viva in Feb-2021, Correction in Mac-Nov 2021 [UKM
  4. Mr. Mohd Khairul Maswan Mohd Redzuan (Khairul) – Problem in ICT adoption for Smart City Domain: Intention to Use, commenced in Feb-2018, confirmed in Month-year, submitted in Month-year [UKM

Currently under PhD supervision (fully research) – Co(external-UTM)-supervisor

  1. Mr. Mohd Ismawira Mohd Ismail (Wira) – Problem in knowledge storage in flood management domain: Malaysia context, commenced in Sept-2015, confirmed in month-year
  2. Mr. Mohd Zuhaili Mohd Rodzi (Zu) – Problem in knowledge integration for the flood management domain, commenced  in Oct-2012, viva in May-2021; (Main SV: Dr Nor Hidayati Zakaria)

Currently under MSc supervision (fully research) – Main supervisor

  1. Mr. Nik Mohd Habibullah Nik Mohd Nizam (Habib) – Problem in Q-system solution, commenced in Jan-2021, confirmed in Month-year, submitted in Month-year [UKM

Currently under MSc supervision (fully research) – Co-supervisor

  1. NIL

Currently under MSc supervision (mixed-mode) – Main supervisor

  1. NIL
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