Dr. Razatulshima Ghazali (Shima)

Abstract: Many organisations in developing countries invest huge amounts of capital in enterprise systems (ES) to get all benefits offered by ES. Unfortunately, the failure rate of ES implementation in developing countries is high. According to a systematic literature review of research on ES critical success factors, 100% of failures occur due to the lack of management or leadership support and commitment, particularly in the post-implementation phase. Yet, many studies report the power of knowledge management (KM) to assist organisational superiors in ES post-implementation phase. These studies highlight the capability of one of the most neglected KM processes, namely, knowledge integration (KI), and the crucial involvement of organisational superiors with different leadership styles (transformational and transactional) in ES post-implementation phase by employed quantitative research methods. The research commenced with an intensive literature review, which included a systematic literature review and a series of interviews with company experts in order to identify the research gap and confirm the construct validity and reliability. A total of 508 valid survey responses were analysed with structural equation modelling (SEM) using the partial least squares-SEM approach. Mediating effect tests were performed using bootstrapping procedures to test the role of KI mechanisms as a mediator. The results indicate that KI mechanisms fully mediate the transactional leadership style relationship and ES success. Conversely, KI mechanisms partially mediate the transformational leadership style relationship and ES success. The results expose the importance of the both leadership styles and superiors’ adoption of KI mechanisms when managing the ES in the post-implementation phase and highlighted the leadership practices and the mechanisms of KI that should be prioritised during the ES post-implementation phase.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
— George Santayana

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